YouTube videos Variety group Shamane

I invite you to watch the YouTube videos des prestations du groupe de variété Shamane



We have produced all the YouTube videos of the variety group Shamane which we will show you during our summer season.
The film comes from 9 cameras scattered on either side of the stage.
The sound comes directly from the mixer, so you get what you're going to get. see and hear.

I filmed the first video in Bourdeaux, this is a very beautiful village in the Drôme. The audience was numerous and very responsive, as is often the case with our performances.

You will find a panel of extracts of our songs played live, I compiled four hours of videos of our repertoire in three minutes and twenty-four seconds of film, you will see how the dynamism of the artists of the group Shamane is communicative.

The second video is a time-lapse of the assembly and installation of our podium car. This footage was shot at the Grau du Roi (France) in the Gard, we have been playing there for twenty-eight years, on the occasion of their local festival which takes place in September. It takes about an hour and a half to set up and the same for dismantling. Once finished, we clean up. The next two videos are full length pieces, Sir Duke and Carnavalera always filmed in Bourdeaux.

The most viewed YouTube videos are "Shamane Variety Band - 2019 Live HD Tour" and "Shamane Variety Band, setting up our podium truck".